If you are looking for a particular machine, email us at budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net  or by phone at 501-821-4579 and we will locate it for you.  We ship to all 50 states and also offer delivery, installation, and on-site training!  We have more equipment listed on the feature equipment page "click here".

Printing Presses



T-51 SwingAway S1 Colorhead for Ryobi 3200 press.  This used S1 model colorhead has "On the Fly" vertical and horizontal micro adjustments which provide quick set-up, and precise dot-for-dot register between the two colors when running duotones, four-color process, or heavy coverage.  Features 3 ink form rollers and 1 water form roller.  Segregated water system features an infinite moisture control and oversized distributor roller achieving 25 percent greater capacity than previous models.  The SwingAway quickly removes the colorhead from the main press to allow operator full access to the parent press when running single color and allows for quick, efficient maintenance to both units.  The colorhead is fairly clean in appearance and is in good running condition with good rollers.  We can clean the colorhead and install new rollers if preferred and a price is quoted below. (swingaway tree is with it but not pictured)
As Is Price: $2,300.00  (Click on picture for larger view.)
With new rollers: $3,795.00


Paper Drills


Challenge EH-3A, 3 Head Paper Drill.  This three hole paper drill has been cleaned and serviced.  It features adjustable side stops on the paper backgauge allowing you to drill multiple holes through a 2" stack of paper, booklets, calendars, or card stock.  There are 13 different drill bit sizes available from 1/8" to 1/2".   Great for 3-hole drilling applications.  Each drill head is independently adjustable up/down.

To operate, press the green start button which turns on the main drill head motor and the hydraulic pump.  Place paper stock against backgauge, step on the foot pedal and the hydraulic pump pulls the drill heads down through the paper stock.  The speed at which the drill heads move is adjustable for different stocks and drill bit sizes used.  Operates on 220 volt, single phase power.  Includes a parts and operation manual.
30 day mechanical/electrical parts warranty.
Price: $4,200.00
Compare: New price $7,725.00 Save $3,525.00 and get a great paper drill 


Challenge MS5 Paper Drill.  The MS5 drill accepts up to 5 drill heads.  This drill includes 3 drill heads and we do have additional heads available for 5 hole applications.  It accepts 13 different size drill bits including 1/8", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" all the way up to 1/2" hole diameter drill bits in 2" lengths.    You can quickly drill one, two, or three holes through 2 or 2 1/2" of paper and card stock depending on the drill bit being used.  For 2 1/2" capacity there are only 4 bits available 1/4", 5/16",3/8", and 1/2".

To operate, press the green button to turn on the drill.  Place a stack of paper on the table against the side and back stop.  Step on the foot pedal at the bottom of the machine and the drill table comes up to the drill heads under hydraulic power to smoothly drill through any paper and card stock.  The table automatically returns to the bottom.   Drill heads have individual depth adjustments.  The table height is also adjustable for overall drill depth adjustment.  This paper drill comes with 1/4" hole diameter drill bits and a parts/operation manual.  Operates on 220 volt, single phase power.  It has been cleaned, serviced, and is in great condition.  Comes with new drive belt, drill bits, and blocks.
Price: $5,995.00 with 3 drill heads
Price: $6,700.00 with 5 drill heads
30 day parts warranty.


Baum/Nygren Dahly paper drill.  This 1996 model ND-5A-S-3 paper drill has three drill heads and is capable of running up to 5.  Drill capacity height is 2".  Maximum distance between drill heads is 10".  Minimum distance between drill heads is 1.56"  Maximum depth from backgauge to drill hole is 5.83".  Table working area is 26"W x 22.06"D.  This heavy duty paper drill has gear driven drill heads.  The drill heads are controlled by the foot pedal to bring them down under hydraulic pressure and return under spring tension.

Drill heads are invidually adjustable up/down and side to side.  Choose from 12 different drill bit  sizes that drill holes from 1/8" up to 1/2" size.  Safety features include a clear plastic shield with interlock switch over the drill heads.  Powered by 220 volt, 3 phase power.   
"Click" on picture for a larger view.



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Remember:  We can email pictures of any piece of equipment.


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