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Glunz & Jensen PlateWriter Parts and Supplies

We stock a variety of Glunz & Jensen iCTP PlateWriter plates, liquid dots, maintenance fluids, and gum. More plate sizes available, please call 501-821-4579 or email budsgraphicssales@gmail.com with the size plates you are needing a quote on.

Need Help? Call 501-821-4579 or email budsgraphicssales@gmail.com for assistance.

Tell us what parts and supplies you are looking for and we will add it to our website.
Call 501-821-4579 or email budsgraphicssales@gmail.com with subject line "please add to site" and include the part number and description.

We accept:

We ship via UPS, FedEx, and US Postal.

Order your iCTP Metal Plates here.

  1. GJ-10019466 11 1/4" x 19 3/8" x 6 gauge straight plates, 100 per box $252.19 (Fits Ryobi 2800)gjplates.jpg (424816 bytes)

  2. GJ-10019524 13" x 19 3/8" x 6 gauge straight plates, 100 per box $229.28 (Fits Ryobi 3200 & A.B.Dick 9800 series)

  • GJ-10019533 13 3/16" x 19 1/16" x 6 gauge straight plates, 100 per box $229.43

  • GJ-10019813 20 7/8" x 25 9/16" x 8 gauge straight plates, 50 per box $253.74

  • GJ-10019831 21 5/8" x 25 5/8" x 8 gauge straight plates, 50 per box $256.66

  • GJ-10021444 11" x 18 1/2" x 6 gauge straight plates, 100 per box $193.19 (Fits A.B.Dick 360 Presses)

  • GJ-10021448 13 3/8" x 19 7/8" x 6 gauge straight plates, 100 per box $244.96 (Fits Heidelberg QM46/PM46/BaumPrint Presses)

  • GJ-10021451 15 3/4" x 20 1/8" x 8 gauge straight plates, 50 per box $

  • GJ-10057518 12 1/4" x 19 7/16" x 8 gauge straight plates, 50 per box $265.14 (Fits Halmjet Presses)

  • GJ-10058017 13 3/8" x 18 7/32" x 8 gauge straight plates, 50 per box $301.31 (Fits Didde Web Presses)

  • GJ-10067461 17 3/8" x 23 1/4" x 8 gauge straight plates, 50 per box $196.54

  • GJ-10067900 15 3/4" x 20 1/8" x 8 gauge straight plates, 50 per box $ (Fits Heidelberg GTO Presses)

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    gj2000liguiddots.jpg (284632 bytes)

    1. gjfinishergum.jpg (240804 bytes)gjiplatecleaner.jpg (238173 bytes)

    Order your 2400 PlateWriter Supplies below.

    1. GJ-39113 Liquid Dot 2 x 110ml cartridges (5&6) $305.00

    2. GJ-39115 Maintenance Fluid (1&2) $109.00gj2400maintfluid.jpg (504589 bytes)