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Printing Press Accessories:

  1. crestlinedamp.jpg (18973 bytes)Crestline Dampening System. Crestline improves overall print quality through continuous feed of fountain solution and by segregating the water from the ink train to remove excess water from the printing press. Blues, reds, and other colors print sharper, cleaner, and crisper. Crestline will increase turn around times, speed drying, expand capabilities, and increase profits. No Alcohol Required! Crestline is available for A.B.Dick, Hamada, Multilith, Ryobi/Itek, T-51, and many others. December special is an 8% discount on the Crestline you need! Need a quote? Avodart online kopen Comes with installation manual, instruction/parts manual, and troubleshooting guide.

  2. Kompac Dampening System. The Kompac II dampening system with colormate keeps solids uniform, small reverses open, and colors brighter. No Alcohol Required! Kompac delivers a metered, thinner film of dampening solution to the plate. Kompac works great with metal, silver-master, laser, and E-stat plates. Run oil, rubber, and soy based inks and get great results. Cut waste and increase profits!! Kompac is available for A.B.Dick, Hamada, Multilith, Ryobi/Itek, T-51, and many more. Prices start at $1,595.00 and $1,795.00 with color-mate oscillator. If you have a compact we have "Old & New Style" Seals in stock.

  3. Accel Tempest Dryer. The tempest dryer uses hot air (convection heat) rather than Infrared energy to accelerate the final setting and drying of the ink. By applying heated air to the passing sheet, the absorption and oxidation processes are accelerated. Once the surface of the ink has dried or skinned over enough to be handled, the job can be cut, folded, or sent to bindery. You will enjoy increased productivity and profits. Combine this unit with the Powderpro Sprayer and virtually eliminate set-off. Tempest is available for A.B.Dick, Hamada, Multigraphics, Heidelberg, Ryobi, and Itek presses. $2,350.00
    View this product at www.accel-us.com

  4. Accel Fast Stack. This modular sheet handling system fits A.B.Dick, Ryobi/Itek, and Heidelberg. Building small lifts helps improve drying time and prevents set off. Fast Stack makes this job easier with its modular design and sturdy construction. How it works. Remove your current delivery board in the chain delivery of your press and put in the Fast Stack Tray. After you run about 1,000 sheets place 2nd Fast stack over paper stack and it will rest on the 1st Fast stack tray. Price: $750.00

  5. Airtech Powderspray. Airtech has a variety of powderspray units to virtually eliminate set-off, increase productivity, and increase profit. Choose from a PowderMite unit with impression triggering to MizerPlus or Powdair 3 with test mode, length control, pulse-spray, and air-blow down only. Airtech is available for A.B.Dick, Hamada, Multilith, Ryobi/Itek, and many more. Prices start at $700.00

  6. "No Mark" Anti-Tracking Star wheels. Set has 2 Star-Wheels, 16 TEFCLEAN Feet, and 12 "Tuff Work" Brush Wheels. Print heavy solids, halftones, and screens with no flaws. Soft thin face natural hair brush wheels repel ink and provide the famous "No-Mark" Floating Kiss to all text weight coated papers. Price:$250.00 and fits A.B.Dick 360,9800, Chief 15/17, Hamada 500/600/700, A.M.Multi 1250,1650,1850, Ryobi 2800/3200 DX, Ryobi/Itek 2800CD

  7. t-51aecolorhead.jpg (173902 bytes)T-51 AE Colorhead. The T-51AE is a single lever, swingaway colorhead with "On The Fly" Vertical-Horizontal-Twist plate adjustments. This new T-51 sets up quick!! Your operator has complete control of his plate without stopping the press. You will profit by being able to print 2 colors in one pass on your duplicator press with reduced make-ready time. Uses all types of plates and printing inks. The T-51 is available for A.B.Dick 9800/9900 series, Ryobi 2800XL,3200MCD,Toko 4750,Multi 1450/1650. We can quote you one today!! email: Cyclophosphamide dose ukFree Installation in December!

We Have Parts For:


A.B.Dick Printing Presses


Accel Crestline Dampening System


Airtech Powderspray & Infrared Dryers


Baum Folders & Paper Drills


Bostitch Stitchers


Challenge Cutters - Folders - Drills


Duplo Collators - Folders - Bindery Equipment


Graphic Wizard Numbering - Perforating - Folding Machines


Interlake Stitchers - Bookletmakers


MBM Triumph Cutters, Paper Folders, Collators & Bookletmakers


Multilith Printing Presses


NuArc Exposure Units & Cameras


ProCut Paper Cutters


Ryobi / Itek Printing Presses


T-51 Colorheads

pressrollers.jpg (21798 bytes)

It's time to replace those old ink and water rollers in your press!! Take a moment to check your ink rollers stripes. If your ink rollers are swollen on the ends, cracked, or have low spots, you need to replace them. We can ship your Ink & Water Rollers today!! Call us at 1-501-821-4579. How about a 5% discount on individual rollers and a 10% discount on a complete ink roller set.

"FREE SYNTAC ROLLER BOOK with PRICE SHEET!" Click Nizagara for sale and put Free Syntac Roller Book in the subject line. It's packed full with printing press roller diagrams and there is a section for feed rollers and water bottles!! No shop should be without one! We sell quality Syn-tac & Lith-O-Roll Press Rollers. We can also help you with Crestline and Kompac dampening system rolle

Ordering your parts is simple. Order your parts by calling us at 501-821-4579 or faxing your order to 501-821-5453, or email the order to budsgrfx@flash.net . If you don't have a part number, we can still help you.

You can charge your order on American Express, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card. Setup an account "Free" and we will bill you for further purchases.

We have a large inventory and we ship items all day everyday!!
We do not have a minimum order for items that are in stock.(Out of stock or non-stock items may be subject to a minimum order fee.)

Common Replacement Parts/Items.

A.B.Dick 360, 9800,9900 Printing Presses:
1. Suction Cups 50per pkg.$20.00 order #A-84248 In Stock!
2. 9800 blanket (compressible)
$29.25 order#bg-abd9800 In Stock!
3. A-72855 Pump filters
$1.35 ea. In Stock!
Summer tune-up special!! Replace your worn-out or swollen rollers.
1. Order # 360-K Includes: Ink Ductor, Top & Bottom Ink Forms, 2 Idler Rollers. $200.00
2. Order #375-K Includes: Ink Ductor, Top & Bottom Ink Forms, 2 Idler rollers. $225.60
3. Order #375-PK Includes: Ink Ductor, Top & Bottom Ink Forms, 4 idler rollers. $299.20
( 2 and 3 fit A.B.Dick 375,9810,9820,9840,9850) Need something else? We can order all parts for A.B.Dick printing presses.

Ryobi / Itek 2800/960 , 3200/975 , 3302
1. Suction Cups 1doz.
$7.95, order #RD-82 In Stock!
2. Sheet Separators 1doz. $9.95 order #RD-65R In Stock!
Summer tune-up special!! 10% discount when you order a complete set of ink rollers. For quote email budsgrfx@flash.net and specify the model or your press and include CD, MCD, etc.

Multilith 1250, 1650, 1850, 1360, 1960
Sheet Separators 1 doz. $7.25 #RD-65
2. Complete: Adjustable Plate Cylinder Clamp for 1250, 1360, 1650, 4810.
$250.00 - $375.00

Baum 714 Friction Feed Folder:

  1. Main Feed Tire (2) #BM-48429 $6.50 ea

  2. Retarder Tire (1) #BM-45290 $5.65 ea.

Baum 714XE Airfeed Folder:

  1. Tab, Sheet Detector (Orange) 1990 & later BMS261680BG01 $6.65 ea.
  2. Tab, Sheet Detector (Orange) 1990 & earlier BM-50498 $5.25 ea.

Challenge Paper Drill:

  1. 1.5"x3/4" Wood Drill Blocks CM-A-4682 $14.08 per dozen

  2. 3"x3/4" Wood Drill Blocks CM-KK473-3 $30.78 per dozen

  3. Drill Bits 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" $25.00 - $28.50
    Read about drill maintenance, click " News page".

Challenge Paper Cutter:

  1. 30.5"x1/2"x1/2" cutter sticks $69.48 a dozen
  2. Paper Knife for 305MC paper cutter $200.00
    We also sell knives and cutter sticks for Triumph, Polar, Baum, & ProCut!

Duplo Collators:

  1. Feed Tire (DC-8 & DC-10 Table Top) DC-93L11701 $10.00 ea.

  2. Suction Cups (DC-8000S, DC10000S) RD-104 $23.00 a dozen

  3. Staple cartridge for DBM-100 & 120 Booklet-maker. 5000 per cartridge: $7.00

Graphic Whizard:

  1. Red or Black Ink Pads $10.00 ea.
  2. 2,4,6,8,12 tooth per inch perf wheel $25.00 ea.
  3. 45 tooth microperf wheel. $45.00

Supplies: "This Area Under Construction."

1. Salco 106 1/4" staples $3.75 5/16" staples $3.96
2. Zoom-Spout Oiler. Light-weight oil in a bottle with an extendable spout to reach
those hard to get places on your press or folder.
3. SCCR Staples for Bostitch & Salco staplers. 1/4"=
$7.20 1/2"=$8.75
4. Impreset Lo-Tak Black Ink 1lb can
$9.75 5lb.$45.00
All colors available including PMS colors.

Press Ink:
We offer Action, Impreset, and Speedmaster press inks. All inks available in 1 & 5 pound cans. Won't skin over in can!! Color chart available.
501-821-4579 or email: budsgrfx@flash.net

actionink.jpg (31396 bytes)ACTION - Is an acrylic base ink formulated for duplicator presses using a variety of printing plates including metal, silvermaster, photo direct, and electrostatic. Dries quickly to a glossy, scuff resistant finish. Stays open on presses with integrated or conventional dampening systems. Recommended for coated and uncoated stocks. Exceptional density and coverage capabilities in colors and black. Available in all Standard Colors and in all Pantone Matching System colors ( with the exception of Metallic and Flourescents) in 1lb and 5 lb cans.

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SPEEDMASTER - Is an oil base ink formulated for duplicator presses using a variety of printing plates including metal, silvermaster, photo direct, and electrostatic. Recommended for use on coated and uncoated stocks. Runs with integrated and conventional dampening systems. Sets and dries extremely fast to a high gloss, rub-resistant finish. Rubber base printing ease with oil base quality. Available in all Standard Colors and in all Pantone Matching System colors in 1lb or 5lb cans. ( <