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Rolling Paper Carts with lockable castors

Get organized in 2020 with a new paper cart!

Keep those beautiful print jobs organized in your shop with one of our rolling paper carts! Choose from Challenge, Martin Yale, and Rosback paper carts. We have several steel constructed models to choose from that hold a large amount of paper and are mounted on casters for easy mobility.The Rosback models listed at the bottom of the page hold large paper sizes up to 25" x 38".

Martin Yale model 500 stack wagon.

The Martin Yale 500 stack wagon is a steel constructed rolling cart that holds alot of printed products and moves easily around your print shop. The stack wagon is compact with a physical size of 20" x20" x 44". Two of the castors are lockable. Stack ream wrapped paper, books, loose sheets and more! Holds 1000's of sheets of paper in each of the four large stack areas and the lower shelf! Ideally suited for 8.5"x14" and 8.5"x11" and smaller paper sizes. Heavy-gauge steel construction!! Some simple assembly is required.
Price: $884.00

Free shipping!

Photo courtesy of Martin Yale

Handy Cart Rolling Paper Cart.

Store your paper on this solidly constructed rolling cart! The handy cart is a must have item for copy shops, print shops, mail rooms, etc. It holds a generous amount of paper. Load up to 21" of 8.5"x11", 8.5"x14", 11"x17" or whatever size you want of paper stock in each of the four bins. The shelves are slanted toward the middle to keep paper from sliding off. 4 convenient handles to help you move around the shop. Comes fully assembled. Click on picture for larger view.


bulletShelf Dimensions: 11"x17"x21" tall / 28x43x53 cm

bulletLower Shelf Dimensions: 22" x 34" / 56 cm x 86 cm

bulletLower Shelf Height Capacity: 13-7/16" / 34 cm

bulletTruck Capacity: 500 lbs. / 227 kg

bulletLength: 34/16" / 87.2 cm

bulletWidth: 22" / 56 cm

bulletHeight: 41-11/32" / 105 cm

bulletNet Weight (approx.): 72 lbs. / 32.7 kg

bulletShipping Weight: 102 lbs. / 40.8 kg

Buy it Now Price: $645.00

This product ships by commercial truck.

Photo courtesy of Challenge

Challenge Pak-Rak Stock Truck.

Store your paper on this solidly constructed rolling cart. Holds 1000's of sheets of paper in the twelve large stack areas! Adjustable metal paper shelves! Ideally suited for 11"x17" and smaller size papers. 500 pound capacity, and comes with 12 shelves ( 4 fixed and 8 removable).

bulletShelf size 10 3/4" x 16 3/4"
bullet500 pounds total capacity
bullet8 shelves supplied
bulletSide Handles
bulletLarge 5" swivel casters for easy rolling
bullet38" long x 26" wide x 52" high

Buy it Now Price: $995.00

This product ships by commercial truck.

Photos courtesy Challenge Machinery Co.

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