Here you will find different news articles that relate to commercial printers, in-plant print shops, copy shops, and other businesses that produce printed materials. Industry news, new products, machine operation tips, and more.

If you have some news that we need to publish here, please contact us at or call 501-821-4579.

In the News:

Challenge Machinery automated CMT-330 Trimmer.
Challenge's new CMT-330 3 knife trimmer with automated feeder and automated stacker is a very productive machine. Trimmed book sizes from 4"x6" up to 9"x12" up to 2" thick and speeds up to 900 books per hour when using the optional multi book accessory. Heavy duty cast iron construction combined with full digital touch screen control give the operator fast, accurate change overs in less than 20 seconds. It features a large 99 channel program with computer diagnostics. For a pdf. brochure and to see a video of the CMT 330 3 knife trimmer, "click here to go to the paper cutter page and scroll down."

Order your paper cutter parts, blades, and cut sticks from Bud's Graphics and save 10%-20% off factory list prices. We are familiar with all Challenge models dating back to the 1970's. Email your part number or cutter information to and request a quote for parts, cutter blades and cut sticks. A common request is for a Challenge 305MC paper cutter blade that
retails for $248.00 our price is $200.00

Challenge only keeps parts available for 20 years on 26.5" paper cutters and larger. Parts for the Challenge model 20 and Titan cutters are available for 10 years from the last date of production. Email us at or call 501-821-4579 if you need to upgrade your cutter.


Santa Ana, Calif. (April 23, 2012)Duplo USA has launched its newly redesigned website,, which provides richer content and additional resources for commercial and in-plant printers as well as other organizations searching for print finishing solutions. The upgraded website also features an enhanced interface that stays in uniform with the global Duplo brand and allows offset and digital print providers to browse the complete line of finishing equipment that includes bookletmaking and saddle stitching systems, slitter/cutter/creasers, perfect binders, UV coaters, folders, and digital duplicators with ease.

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Some of the new features include:

bullet More Ways to Browse for Products. Equipment can be searched by type (on demand finishing, production equipment, or digital duplicating), category (collators/sheet feeders, bookletmaking systems, slitter/cutter/creasers, etc.), model, or application.
bullet Product Comparison. A list of applicable solutions along with brief highlights appears when searching by category and makes it easy to compare various models on the spot.
bullet Enhanced Content.Each product page provides a description, features, key applications, and specs/options to offer a thorough overview of the solution.
bullet Suggested Solutions. Recommendations based on the most recent search appear at the bottom of the product page to further assist users in finding the right equipment to meet their needs.
bullet New Resources Page. Visitors can access client success stories, learn more about partners, and search solutions by application.
bullet New Videos Page. Direct access to all product demos available. Videos can also be viewed from the individual product pages.

Navigation, shortcuts, and other functions have overall been improved to enhance the visitor's experience in their search for print finishing solutions. Visit today

Kompac Dampening System. We have "New Style" Seals in stock so Order from us TODAY!! Tired of that old factory water system? Then reduce your paper waste and improve print sharpness with the Kompac II dampening system with colormate. No Alcohol Required! Kompac delivers a metered, thinner film of dampening solution to the plate. Kompac works great with metal, silver-master, laser, and E-stat plates.

Have a Kompac already? We have rollers, springs, seals, water bottles, and caps to keep your Kompac unit in top running condition. Call us at 501-821-4579 or email to order the parts you need.

Bud's Graphics has a large inventory of Paper Cutter Blades and Cutter Sticks. We carry a complete line of cutter blades and sticks for Baum, Challenge, Ideal, Pivano, Prism, Pro-Cut, MBM Triumph, Polar, Rosback, Lawson, Schneider Senator, and others. From 15" to 102", we can get the blade you need in your choice of these three grades of steel: 1. Inlaid Carbon 2. Inlaid High Speed Steel 3. Inlaid Tungsten Carbide Tipped. Email us at with the make/model of your paper cutter , length x width x height of your blade, and the number of holes. Include your email address so we can send you a quote.

Crest Capital has money for you! Do you need new equipment or software? Crest Capital can help with competitive leasing programs. Visit their website for online approval. While you are there, use the lease calculator to determine your monthly payment. Simply enter the dollar amount in the payment calculator click on submit and get an email immediately with the information you requested! Next, contact Bud's Graphics by phone at 501-821-4579 or by email at for the equipment you need!

Monthly Equipment Maintenance Tips:

BOOKLETMAKERS need to be cleaned monthly. Coated stock papers, powderspray, toner, ink, and paper lint can block sensors, cover fold rollers and feed belts. You will experience more frequent mis-feeds and jams with a dirty machine. Compressed air is one way to keep you machine clean. Fold rollers and rubber belts need to be cleaned with soap/water, alcohol, or roller cleaner. Remember to put a drop of oil on pivot points and brass bushings. NOTE: (Check your operator manual to ensure you use the correct cleaning product for your machine.)

PAPER DRILL BITS need to be lubricated and checked often. The main reason drill bits break is because they are dull. Drill bits can be sharpened with a hand held sharpener available from Bud's Graphics. After sharpening several times, you will need to replace the drill bit. If you do a lot of drilling, make sure to lubricate the drill bit often. Lubricate with a wax stick (available from Bud's Graphics part number CM-4688 $2.78 each) making sure to get wax inside and outside of the bit. This will lengthen the life of the bit and make drilling easier. Check back often for more maintenance tips!

PAPER CUTTERS require monthly maintenance. Check your operator manual for lubrication points on your specific cutter. Lubrication points usually include the backgauge screw, knife gibs, blade holder swing-arms, and paper clamp slide points. Inspect the knife for nicks or dullness. Nicks in the blade are usually seen as a pattern on the cut edge of a stack of paper. Knife dullness may show up as the top sheets bending over, not cutting the bottom sheet, or unusual machine noise. With heavy usage, change the hydraulic fluid once a year.

PAPER FOLDERS need the rollers checked periodically for excess ink and toner buildup. Most makes of folders have rollers with a dull finish. If your rollers look glossy, then there is a build-up of ink or toner. Use recommended roller washes such as Baum Sure-Wash to clean your rollers. If this does not cut through the build-up, you may consider a roller deglazer. Ink and toner build-up can affect the accuracy of your fold and cause premature wear in the machine. Keeping your rollers in good condition will make it last longer and give you less headaches. Order your Baum Sure-Wash from us! email: and specify quart or gallon size

PRINTING PRESSES require weekly and monthly maintenance.Check your roller stripes and cylinder pressures. Even roller stripes will give you consistent print and quality. Proper plate to blanket pressure gives better transfer of ink to the paper resulting in sharper print. You may need a serviceman to check these pressures. Doing this will extend the life of the printing press, reduce service calls, and save you a headache. Also check your rubber blanket for high/low spots.

"Equipment Manufacturer Links"

  1. Accel Crestline Dampeners -Manufacture water systems and accessories for printing presses.
  2. Baum Paper Folders and Cutters<