UPDATED 12/07/01

Happy Holidays!

    If you are shopping for some new bindery or office equipment, we can help!  Bud's Graphics is an authorized sales and service distributor for the companies and products listed below.  We can ship or deliver these products as soon as you need them.  To see a bigger view of a picture, just "Click" on the picture to enlarge

    This page contains several pictures of new printing and bindery equipment, please be patient while downloading.  This is just a small sampling of products available from these companies.  Email Todd Hastings at Buy generic augmentin online with questions about these and other products.  We would appreciate your business!  We can quote leases on all equipment.

    We have a large inventory of press rollers and parts, paper folder parts, paper cutter blades/cut sticks/parts, stitching wire & staples, teflon tape/pad, and so much more.  If an item is out of stock, we can drop ship Red Label UPS so you have the part tomorrow!   We ship via UPS, FedEx, Post Office, or USF Dugan Truckline.  Our services also include delivery, installation, and training for the equipment we stock.  

Baum Folder Corporation:

baum714new.jpg (5922 bytes)Baum 714XLT Airfeed Paper Folder.  


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Variable speed from 0"/min to 7200"/min


Maximum paper weight 65lb cover


Operates on 110 volts


Retail: $6,395.00    Your Cost: $5,700.00  and get a FREE STAND!
Lease for only $159.00 a month.*

Visit Canadian pharmacy online valtrex for leasing options.

Baum 2020 Floor Model Paper Folder.  Optional 8&16pg R/A

bulletPile Feeder
bulletMax.Sheet 20.5"x33"
bulletMin.Sheet 4"x6"
bullet3 Fold plates
bulletCombo Rollers
bulletQuick Gap Sets
bulletTotal & Batch Count
bulletCall 501-821-4579 for price quote
Leases as low as $450.00 a month.*

We have quoted monthly lease rates with certain pieces of equipment on this page and following pages.  Keep in mind that with the current economic conditions these rates will vary on a daily basis.  These are approximate values that may rise/fall depending on the prime rate and your years in business.  *Quoted rates are for $1.00 buyout lease.  90 day deferred payment leases available.

Leasing is a great business tool that allows you to obtain the equipment you need without the large initial outlay of vital cash.   For more financing information, visit Ketorolac 60 mg injection price 


Duplo Corporation

"On Demand Finishing" The Duplo DBM series bookletmaker connects inline with Xerox DocuTech/DocuPrint series printers.  The system includes automatic setting Stitcher/Folder/Trimmer, DB-10 Buffer and DR-14 Rotator.  This high quality, inline bookletmaking system handles a wide range of today's "On-Demand" applications in the financial, publishing, education, and commercial print industries.  Reports, brochures, manuals, policy documents, and more can be quickly printed and finished in one streamlined operation.  Create these products at speeds up to 3600 sets per hour.  
(Territory Restrictions apply) For your local dealer contact 1-800-255-1933 or visit the Source: www.Duplousa.com 

System 4000 Suction Feed Collator: When it comes to high speed and ease of operation, nothing compares to the Duplo System 4000. This new vacuum-feed collating system offers professional printing operations a complete finishing solution designed to maximize productivity throughout the finishing process. Comprising a heavy-duty collator, the System 4000 is capable of producing up to 10,000 collated sets per hour, and features the industry’s best and state of the art feed system. In addition, its vertical design, modular styling and ability to handle a variety of paper types, sheet sizes and weights, demonstrate superb versatility.

Each tower is equipped to operate independently.  The operator can run two jobs at the same time in two different output directions.  Programming capabilities also allow the operator to load paper while the job is in progress.

Source: www.Duplousa.com

DF-520 Automatic-setting FolderDuplo DF-520 Automatic Setting Paper Folder.  This table top folder is accurate, fast, and operator friendly.  Table sensors automatically recognize 8.5"x11", 8.5"x5.5", 8.5"x14",8.5"x7", and 11"x17" paper sizes.  You decide which of the six preset folds you would like and push the fold button.  The top and bottom fold plates move automatically to the desired fold and begin folding.  Input a required amount or just press start and the counter keeps an accurate measurement of the number of folded sheets.
Retail: $3,895.00    Your cost is only: $3,500.00.  Lease for only $95.00 a month.*

Duplo DF-505 Paper Folder.  The DF-505 provides the most folding versatility with all its features, performance, and reliable compact frame. At an affordable price, its standard features include a 4-digit counter that can be reset to keep accurate count of folded documents, special "cross-folding" for right-angle folding, two knobs to make fine-tune adjustments, adjustable receiving roller to ensure smooth delivery, accommodation to six popular folds and five paper sizes, and a jam detector that automatically halts operation. A tray tension control feeds a wide range of paper stocks quickly and easily. The DF-505 can be adjusted to provide versatility for non-standard paper lengths and folds. Folding at speeds up to 120 sheets per minute, professional documents are neatly folded with crisp, accurate folds. Retail: $2,695.00    Your cost is only: $2,400.00.  Lease for only $65.00 a month.*

The Duplo Docutter 535 is the perfect finishing solution for digital color printing.  This machine will slit, score, and cut in one pass.  The optical eye will read bar codes and registration marks to automatically adjust for individual jobs.  Popular applications this cutter is suited for include full bleed trimming, brochures, annual reports, greeting cards, business cards, photographs, flyers, posters, and more.  Input paper sizes from 8.5"x11" to 12."x18" and an output size of 2"x3.5".  The job memory holds 80 different jobs.  Optional 5.3" Air suction feeder available for large quantities. 
Retail: $10,000.00    Your cost is only: $9,300.00.  Lease for only $251.00 a month.*
Pictures courtesy of Duplo Corp. 10/01.

Graphic Whizard

GraphicWhizard.jpg (83223 bytes)Graphic Whizard GW8000 Numbering Machine.  ON SALE!!!  For a limited time, get your choice of a model GW12000 for the GW8000P price or a GW8000E for the GW3000 price.  This means you can save $2,000.00 to $2,600.00 off retail!  The GW12000 has a register board and is regularly $9,995.00 now $7,395.00.  The GW8000E is normally $6,995.00 now $4,995.00.  Both machines setup quick and have multiple memory channels.  You can number, perf, score, slit, and microperf up to 8000 sheets per hour!  Handles carbonless up to 12# stocks in sizes from 3"x5" up to 18"x18".  DON'T WAIT, CALL US TODAY AT 1-501-821-4579.  Offer ends 11/30/01.  Arkansas and Tennessee customers can get a free demonstration of the GW8000P at your printshop.


ISP Stitching & Bindery Products

ISPBookletmate.jpg (30649 bytes)NEW! Interlake Bookletmate.  Great bookletmaker for offices, churches, schools, copy shops, and art departments.  You can create handbooks, instruction manuals, programs, booklets, mock-ups and more.  Handles up to 12 sheets of paper in a variety of sizes up to 11.75" x 18.5". You now have a low cost way to produce booklets.  Take your job that came off the laser printer, copier, or press and make a booklet with the New Bookletmate!  Your cost is only $850.00 including freight!

How Easy Is It?

Step1. Insert paperISPBookletmate2.jpg (26641 bytes) Step2. Depress Staple LeverISPBookletmate2.jpg (26641 bytes)
Step 3. Pull Lever up.ISPBookletmate3.jpg (28615 bytes) You now have a finished book.



LASSCO Corporation

Lassco Model LJ-2 table top jogger is perfect for offices, copy centers, or printshops.  Handles a full ream of 8.5"x11" copy paper, envelopes, cards, and checks.  Pocket size is 4"W x 13"H.  Your cost is $595.00 and you get free freight!

Lassco Model LJ-4 table top jogger handles larger stock sizes.  Handles a full ream of 11" x 17" paper down to card size paper.  Cut outs in the table make handling paper stock a simple operation.  Your cost is $895.00 and you get free freight!

Lassco Model LJ-6 table top jogger has four bins for faster sorting and jogging of checks, envelopes, cards, and other materials.  Bins measure 4"x4"x9.5".
Your cost is $895.00 and you get free freight!

You can charge these items on your Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover.

Lassco FMMP-3 Paper Drill.  You can drill 3 holes through 2" of paper stock quickly and effortlessly with this pneumatic powered paper drill.  Foot pedal operated and the outside drill heads are adjustable.  Adjustable paper guides on the table allow you to drill multiple holes.
Your cost is $4,790.00  Lease for only $129.00 a month  The FMMP-3 is also available as manual powered paper drill for $4,115.90 Lease for only $112.00 a month.
Pictures Courtesy of Lassco Products10/01.



MBM Corporation

model2230_02.gif (12860 bytes)Destroyit 2230. This top performer is the smallest shredder and our least expensive.  Ensure your company security by destroying old documents with the MBM Destroyit paper shredder.  Your cost is only $249.00  Other models available.
Features include:

bullet Automatic start/stop via photo cell; Optical indicator for stand-by position.
bulletThree-position rocker switch for stand-by/stop/reverse. 
bulletQuiet cutting head takes staples and clips.
bulletElectronic door safety switch. 
bulletPearl gray cabinet that opens from the front for easy removal of shred bag.

docuVac300booklet_03.gif (11612 bytes)Docuvac Airfeed Collator.  Collate, staple, fold, and trim booklets from "CD" size to 11"x17".  High capacity stacker available to straight or offset stack.  Programming includes four popular sheets sizes and four customizable memory channels.  Add two more towers for 24 bins capable of a 96 page booklet.  
Handles paper sizes (in.) 4-3/4 x 8-5/16 to 12-1/2 x 18 . Retail: $35,834.00
(Territory Restrictions apply) We sell this product to Arkansas only.  Email Todd Hastings at budsgrfx@flash.net for price quote or call 501-821-4579. 
Lease for only $735.00 a month.*
Pictures courtesy of MBM Corporation 10/01.



ProCut Paper Cutter

ProCut 320MPS Paper Cutter.  
Features Include:

bullet32" cut width x 4" cut opening without false clamp
bulletMinimum cut 1"    Maximum cut 38.125"
bulletTable space in front of knife=20"    Table space behind knife=38.125"