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Are you shopping for great printing or bindery equipment? We have added some new machinery to our current inventory. This page contains several pictures and may take a few moments to download. Please be patient.Click your Refresh button to get the latest page revisions.

Click on pictures below to get a bigger view. We will be adding more pictures every week. Check back often to find the best deals! Details regarding purchases are found at the bottom of this page. Financing available to qualified buyers.
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NyGrenDahly1.jpg (61239 bytes)Nygren Dahly ND5 3 Hole Paper Drill. It looks and operates like new!! There are 23 drill bits with this machine plus drill blocks, and a drill bit sharpener. Hydraulic operation using the foot switch makes drilling through difficult stocks easy. Gear driven heads won't slip in difficult paper stock. This machine will also accept 2 additional drill heads for a total of 5 drill heads. Great for drilling hospital or legal forms! Operates on 220 volt 3 phase power. If you have been looking for a 3 hole drill, this will be a great machine for you. Buy it New for $8,395.00 or buy this like new one for $4,500.00 and get a 90 day parts warranty.


Lectrojog665.jpg (55910 bytes)LectroJog Paper Jogger. Best jogger on the market. Jogs paper, cards, checks, envelopes, and more, quickly and efficiently!! Jog up to 11"x17" paper. This jogger fits easily on a desk or next to the copier. Only $325.00 used or $595.00 New! We can ship it UPS to your location! Shipping & Handling is $20.00. Charge this item on your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.


Challenge20cutter1.jpg (46619 bytes)Challenge 20 Paper Cutter. You can tell by the picture, this cutter looks like new! It also operates like new. This cutter has a power blade and a manual clamp. The digital display will help you move to the correct cut position quickly. Then, clamp your paper, press the two outside cut buttons and cut up to 3" of paper quickly and easily. Cut opening is 20"wide x 3 high" with a minimum cut of 1/2" and a maximum cut of 20". This hydraulic paper cutter operates on 110 voltage. The key lockout prevents people you do not want using the cutter from operating it. Has two blades, manual, tools, and extra cut sticks. Yours today for $4,000.00


Ryobi32001.jpg (26597 bytes)Ryobi 3200MCD Printing Press. This 1 color printing press features a new Crestline Dampening system, Digital counter with batching, double detection, and powderspray system. The press is being cleaned, serviced, painted, and worn parts are replaced. We can add a New T-51AE colorhead with "On The Fly" vertical/horizontal/twist plate adjustments. In my opinion, this is the best T-51 colorhead they have ever produced. The Ryobi press is quick to setup and balance. If you need to upgrade your old press, this is the one you need. Single color $13,500.00 or Two color $19,500.00Has a 90 day parts warranty!
LEASING AVAILABLE at Erytop order online Lease the single color for only $331.00 a month or the
two color for $527.00 a month.
Best of all, no "Click" charges.


ABDick9810-2.jpg (61845 bytes)A.B.Dick 9810 Chain Delivery printing press. This press came from a local inplant printshop that closed down. This 1988 model press was under service contract and is in excellent condition with low mileage. We have installed a New Crestline Dampener, new chains, feed roller, and ink rollers. The motors and pump have been checked and serviced. The machine has been cleaned and serviced. The press is $8,000.00 with a 60 day parts warranty Lease for only $220.00 a month!. We can add a New T-51AE Swing-Away color-head with "On The Fly" adjustments for $8,000.00 and give you two color capability in one pass. Increase your production and quality with this great running press. Email Todd at Can you buy cytotec over the counter and place your order today!!
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Itek617S-1.jpg (36522 bytes)Itek 617S Silvermaster platemaker. Mid 1990's model in good working condition. Available because of a printshop consolidation. Minimum plate size is 9"x10" and maximum plate is 16.5"x20.5". Maximum plate image at 100% is 14.9"x18.8". Processes 1 plate every 2 minutes. Use Mega (paper base) plates or Mega Plus (polyester base) plate material. Reduce and enlarge from 64% to 105%. Microprocessor controlled. $6,500.00 Lease for only $176.00 a month.


Itek3985-1.jpg (66810 bytes)Itek 3985 Printing Press. This is a 1991 model press with Crestline Dampeners that were installed in 1995. Other features include powderspray and super-blue anti-tracking system. Press has 25mm impressions and is in good running condition. Print and register 1,2,3,4 colors. Handles paper sizes from 3.5"x5" up to 13.3"x17.7". Image area is 13" x 17.25". Push guide registration, jam detection, preset counter. Want a demonstration? Call us at 1-501-821-4579 or email Zovirax 200 mg tabletas. We will arrange an appointment. If you print lots of 2 color work, you need this machine. $30,000.00 Lease for only $694.00 a month.
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HeidelbergMOVP.jpg (67109 bytes)Heidelberg MOVP Printing press. This 4 color 19"x25.5" printing press perfects 2/2 and features Alcolor dampening, Grafix powderspray, Baldwin Refrigeration & Recirculation, and a stream-feeder. This press does beautiful process color jobs and can be seen running. The press is a 1988 model with 45.9 mm impressions and can be delivered immediately. s/n 607976 $150,000.00


HeidiGTOFP52DI6.jpg (74584 bytes)Heidelberg GTOFP52 Direct Imaging. This 1995 model 5 color printing press perfects 1 over 4. It has Direct Imaging to the plate cylinder on all 5 units, no water needed. If you prefer, this machine can be converted from Direct Imaging to Crestline Altra series Dampeners. Features include CPC 102 console, Weko powderspray, Pearl Imaging by Presstek, and Technotrans America Infrared Dryer. This machine has only 16.7mm impressions! Very clean machine with good rollers, grippers, and pads. Has extra blankets, manuals, tools, and odds and ends. This press is in very good condition. AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY!! $150,000.00

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econocut.jpg (70168 bytes)Econocut Die Cutter. This hand fed 20"x27" die cutter is in top notch condition! Heavy duty construction with the capability of 40 tons of pressure to cut through difficult paper and plastic stocks. This is great for label and screen print operations. Dust off the powder and start doing your own die cutting today. The Econocut is $22,000.00 brand new!! You can have this one for only $12,500.00! Reduced, now $11,000.00. Want to see a demo? Give us a call at 501-821-4579.


Dcp_0069.jpg (226758 bytes)Challenge JF Paper Drill. Fast, easy stepping paper drilling can be done on this paper drill. Comes with new bit of your choice and extra drill blocks. Drill holes from 1/8" up to 1/2" in diameter through 2.5" inches of paper stock. Drill multiple holes accurately time and again using the adjustable stops.
Buy it new for $2,100.00 or this one for only $1200.00November Special! $1,000.00 and your choice of 1 new drill bit!
We accept all major credit cards!!
90 day parts warranty.


challengediamond.jpg (37629 bytes)Challenge 305 Diamond Paper Cutter. 30.5"x 3.75" cut opening. Digital readout with power cut and power clamp. It has a manual backgauge but you can add a MicroCut Jr. and have a programmable paper cutter. Has 1 extra blade and extra cut sticks $5,000.00

bulletchallenge305mc.jpg (63523 bytes)Challenge 305MC paper cutter. Cut opening is 30.5" wide and 3.75" high. Power cut and clamp. Comes with 1 spare blade, changing tools, extra cut sticks, and manual. This is a good running machine that has been cleaned and serviced. $5,500.00 Add a Microcut program and make this a fully automatic cutter with a 999 channel program and power backgauge for $3,000.00 more. 90 day parts warranty!!

bulletduplo1000.jpg (44881 bytes)Standard Duplo 1000S 10 bin friction feed collator with corner stapler. This machine will collate up to 10 sheets of paper in weights from NCR to 110# in sizes from 5"x8" up to 12"x18" and offset stack them in the front. You can also corner staple or straight stack on the back side of the machine. Each pocket has double/jam/misfeed/empty paper detection. Easy to setup and operate. $3,800.00

bulletmulti1360chain.jpg (66773 bytes)Multilith 1360. This chain delivery printing press has standard dampening and Ortman McCain powderspray. If you don't like the standard water system, we can install a Kompac or Crestline Dampening system. This press is "AS IS" in running condition for $3,000.00with standard water system.

bulletmulti1860gpc.jpg (57743 bytes)Multilith 1860GPC. This press features a SwingAway T-51 colorhead, OMC powderspray, and chain delivery. The press is available as a result of a Regions Bank Repossession. $3,500.00 "AS IS" OBO. It was printing at the printshop.

bulletastrofeeder.jpg (49502 bytes)Astro envelope feeder for A.B.Dick, Multilith, Ryobi, Hamada, with new timing unit. The speed of this machine is controlled by your press! High, medium, or low running speeds, the Astro delivers envelopes quickly and accurately.
The top load-bottom vacuum feed design means maximum productivity on a variety of envelopes and cards from 3"x5" to 11"x16.25". Caster mounted, this machine rolls into production quickly. A takeoff conveyor comes with it ( not pictured ). You can own this Astro envelope feeder for
$3,500.00. Use your business credit card and buy it today before its gone!! Email Todd at budsgrfx@flash.net or call 501-821-4579.

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